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-3. Used sendmap 2.0 for etrex legend map upload. Now my device does not respond, not work, no any maps in the device.

Don't use this sendmap version with legend. You should download the latest version on the About this problem you can read (in russian) following this link.

-2. Is it possible to use firmware from vistaC/legendC in my vistaCx/legendCx/ventureCx (or 60c/60cs/76c/76cs to X-series 60csx/60cx/76cx/76csx)?

No. It does not suit your device. Your device can be damaged.

-1. What is it 'ID'? How to know my device ID?

It's a hardware version for your device. To find out which ID your unit have you should download g7towin utility ( and from menu 'GPS' -> 'Get GPS ID...'

0. What is that 'webupdater'? Should I use it with my device?

It's a utility for checking via internet wheither your software is up to date. If you have modified version of the firmware - you should not use it. All the firmwares are available to download manually.

1. I have a device. I want to make it russian (thai, bulgarian, polish... etc). What shoud I do?

First of all - you have to download for your device a latest firmware from the official site Select your device, then download the firmware. Extract the file. You should read Update.txt. Then upload fw.

Then visit this download page. Choose the proper file for your device. Firmware from streetpilot does not suit your legend :). Carefully read the manual inside the downloaded archive upd_xxx_xxx_xxx_xxx.rar - readme.txt - then follow these instructions from this file. In any case you can visit forum and use the search.

2. I have a device yyyy with russian language. Software version is zzzz. But on the official page there is a newer version zzzz1. What should I do?

First of all you should look at the changelog and see the differencies between these firmwares. If you decide to improve your device functionality and lost your language, maps fonts, - here you go.

3. Well, I've downloaded and uploaded a new firmware to my device, but WHERE IS MY RUSSIAN LANGUAGE?

You have lost your old firmware at all. Firmwares from the official site are not include the russian language. Be sure and pay attention to it before making any changes.

Sometimes dealers have russified versions of the firmwares. You should contact to your dealer with. Usually localized version may be introduced in few days (weeks, months, years)..:))

4. Excellent, but my nearest dealer is situated in thousand miles from me and I can not visit office. Any suggestions?

a) Look for some news at
b) Make your own firmware
c) Nothing to do.

5. Is it possible to save an old version and upload the new one so they will work together?

No, changing firmware means total replacement of the binary code.

6. Is it possible to download a firmware from the device without breaking it?


7. Is it possible to make localization for some devices with packed texts (such as emap, venture, geko..etc)?


8. Why do some firmwares are not available to download? For example, for legendC/vistaC.

This firmware and some other were developed for dealers and it is a commercial project. There are updates of this firmwares and they are provided to the dealers.

For users another version is available. It has russified fonts to correct displaying some maps (such as Eurasia Maps) and no text resources translated.

9. Why don't you publish your text resources for translated devices?

They are published :) on the Dowload page as the results. You should read Days - and you can see them in your favourite text editor. Also there is a translation page, you can took a part in localization process..

10. Why don't publish 'pre2bin' and 'patch' utilities?

These utilities are mine and I decide what to do. This is my decision not to publish them. .

You can use winhex instead, but it is a slow way. For example, firmware for gpsV with russian and bulgarian languages was made without using these utilities. Anyone can write them if understand what they do.

Soon the thai 60cs and bulgarian gps V will be published. You can do it too, you have to beleive. Sometimes I can help you with advice. Write a letter to me.

11. I have downloaded a file from the, it is so small and updater.exe does not do anything.

This is because of it is an update, not a firmware. The size of the update is small, that is convinient for users and me too. You have to download the original file, unpack it to a separate directory. Then unpack the archive file downloaded from and read readme.txt

You should see these files:
updater.exe - standart flash utility from garmin
upd.exe - update utility for rgn file (makes a patch) (was taken from KOL Library, renamed)
xxxx01000vvv.rgn - original firmware
(* - device hardware ID , vvv - fw version)
upd_xxx_ru_vvv.upd - file for the 'upd' utility - it's the differencies
(* xxx - device public name, for example leg - etrex legend, vvv - version)
readme.txt - manual for using 'upd' utility.

Run upd.exe and press YES to update the rgn file.

If successful there will be a new file with the same size as original xxxx01000vvvrus.rgn.

You have to rename xxxx01000vvvrus.rgn to xxxx01000vvv.rgn, to use it with original updater.

Run updater.exe, and follow the utility directions.

12. Is it possible to damage the device by firmware?

Yes. Try to update firmware again if failed.

13. How to download the firmware from the device?

Usual user can't do this by now.

14. How to download the maps?

Use GPSExplorer v.015 or gpsdaemon.

15. Will my tracks/almanach lost during update the firmware?

See changelog of versions on the original site (garmin). If there mentioned such thing as loosing tracks - in russian version of the firmware it will be the same thing. As for almanach - usually it will lost.

16. How is about Venture?

Russian language is in this firmware already. See Download page.

17. I have got a device with a russian firmware v.10.77. Is it useful to me download from garmin site a new firmware 10.99 and upload it to device? Will be device with russian then?

You sould pay attention to changelog for this firmware. Firmwares from garmin site do not include russian language. You will lost your russian language if you upload it to device. You should decide what is better for you - major version, stable and less errors, some positive changes in the new firmware or the russian language. Sure, it's a perfect situation if your firmware is on this site for free.

18. I've replaced my hardware ID, flashed my device, but it is not work - there are no satellites (device does not power on, does not work... etc). What is going on?

You did not read any FAQ - try to do it again starting with question #1. Never do this again - you will corrupt your device.

19. Is it possible to make visible russian maps in Garmin Que/cfQue/M5?

Yes. Screenshots

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